Student Training

It's no secret that today's students will be tomorrow's business leaders. Employers tell me all the time that young professionals, or those who are recent college and trade school graduates, have tremendous technical skill and much to offer the workplace. However, they are often lacking in social and interpersonal skills, which can be a detriment not only to their own careers, but to the business where they are employed.

It's been documented by a Harvard University study that one's level of success is only 15% a result of technical skill. Eighty-five percent of a person's success is based on his or her level of interpersonal skill. If we want our students to have a greater chance for success, it's imperative that we teach them good habits while they're young, and before they're faced with the necessity of getting that first job.

Civility Nation has designed a series of programs and workshops for middle school and high school students that will empower them for entering a competitive work force with grace and confidence. Topics include, among others:

  • Pleased to Meet You: Introducing Yourself & Others
  • Show Up & Shine: Making the Best First Impression
  • Watch Your Language: Avoiding Slang & Divisive Words
  • To Share or Not to Share: Do's & Don'ts of Social Media
  • Are You Talking to Me: Effective Communication
  • Which Fork is Which: Basic Dining Etiquette
  • The Real "Magic" Words: Using Please, Thank You, & You're Welcome
  • Selfie Stick in the Mud: Focusing on Others Instead of Yourself

Education is about more than grades and test scores. It's about nurturing the next generation of leaders to carry our world into the future. Let's make sure it's a future where people are valued, appreciated for their abilities, and respected for their thoughts and beliefs, even if they're different from our own. Civility training can help these ideals become a reality.

For more information on any of these topics, or to discuss how these programs can put your students on the path to greater success in life and their careers, contact Civility Nation. I look forward to serving you.

Kim Yarborough's expertise in teaching etiquette & character traits has definitely helped our middle school students in both of the schools I serve.  Kim has an engaging, wise, & gentle manner that connects with our students.  They all want to know when "Ms. Kim" is coming back.

Tanya Guinn, MA LPC, Career Development Coordinator