Good Business Etiquette Leads to Greater Success

Civility Nation etiquette training and coaching provides organizations with the knowledge of basic rules of etiquette that can help businesses grow and achieve greater success.


“Kim Yarborough’s professionalism and expertise shine through in every class and workshop she presents.  If you are searching for the right person to improve your own business sophistication and etiquette, she is the one to call.”    

 ~Elizabeth M., Legal Assistant


Key factors that prohibit an organization from achieving its potential level of success include:

  • Poor verbal and non-verbal skills towards other employees or business partners
  • Rude and distracting behavior at the office
  • Failing to appreciate employees for their contributions
  • Inappropriate attire
  • Poor manners on the phone, via email, while dining and interacting with clients

There are many more habits that lead to poor business etiquette which may have a big impact on the overall organization, resulting in low employee morale, loss of sales, and mediocre public image. Civility Nation specializes in training individuals about good business etiquette so they improve their image and performance. The program is specifically developed for the needs of each individual through a custom assessment, followed by development of a personalized curriculum.

The benefits of business etiquette training include:

  • Improved relationships with clients
  • A better image for the company
  • Improved communication throughout the organization
  • A higher level of productivity and employee morale
  • Increase revenue

Civility Nation programs can assist your organization to achieve even greater success by teaching strong social, verbal, and non-verbal etiquette skills.